Thermal interface material
  1. Bergquist
  2. 11
  3. Sil-Pad系列
  4. Bond-Ply系列
  5. Hi-Plow系列
  6. Gap-Pad系列
  7. Liqui-Bond系列
Sealant Material
  1. Gore
  2. Garlock
  3. Saint-Gobin
Industrial Electronic accessories
  1. Solder Paste
  2. LOCTITE adhesive
  3. Coatings
  4. Microcare
  5. Thermal silicon grease

Henkel Loctite offers a full line of no clean, solvent clean, and water soluble solder pastes for surface mount and semiconductor applications. Sn/Ag, SAC, Sn/Bi, Sn/Sb, and other alloys are available in melting points from 138 °C to 240 °C. These pastes are compatible with a variety of reflow methods including convection, vapor phase, and vacuum systems. Solder pastes are available in particle sizes ranging from Type 3 to Type 8 powders for standard and ultrafine printing requirements. Dispensable versions are also available for air over and positive displacement systems. These Pb Free pastes provide industry leading wetting and outstanding void performance on a variety of component terminations and surfaces.